Refund policy

Time to request a full refund/return

From the time you receive the package and thereby being able to open it, you have 5 days to contact us and request a refund/return of the product in question. After 5 days we no longer accept a full refund.

Method of refund

Once your refund/return request is accepted we will issue an RMA number and ask you to send the product back to us. 

Return the product back to us:
The product must be send back to us – You will get a full refund incl the shipping cost(from us to you) and we will pay the return shipping cost too.

We will refund you using the same payment method that you used when ordering.

Refund/return contact info

Please contact us via email:, we will reply within 24hours mon-friday. If we do not reply back, send us a new email if the fist email may have been lost in the cyberspace for any reason. You can also reach us via SMS or whats app +46706040909 or +34675248689.

Product condition upon return

In order to receive a fullrefund as mentioned above, the product must be opened and examined.

Charges – Any cost related to refunds/returns

Once we approve a full refund and an RMA No being issued, there is no extra charges/costs. 

We may ask you to send the return products to another adress than ours, but we will still pay and cover the shipping cost, we just you kindly assist us getting the products returned by going to the nearest service point or postoffice, write and/or print a label.


Please send us an email to:

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