Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien wall mount

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A truly well-designed wallmount assembled with a set of screws. Power and datacables are routed in between the mount in the center.

The green LED light in the bottom of the Amplifi Alien models; this light will be enhanced through the clear plastic giving a cool effect.
(LED can of course be turned off in the Amplifi app).

3D printed product high quality and a set of screws/nuts is used to ensure robustness / The Alien WIFI router weighs quite a bit.

The mount take care of the cables in the center and you can then let them exit down- or upwards.

This article fits both the Amplifi Alien main router model and the Amplifi Alien secondary MESH unit.

Screw holes is 3-4 mm diameter length about 30-50mm , you need 2 screws to securely mount the product to a wall surface


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