Rack mount Teltonika RUTX12 series Injection molded front and 3D printed rear arms (handmade) black 19inch 2U

65,00 Excl IVA/VAT

Rack kit for 1pcs UniFi USW-LITE-8-PoE silvergrey 19inch 1U

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Rack width: 19 inch 2U height
Color: Black or silvergrey(Close to the UniFi silvergrey)
Device kit: 1 pcs for Teltonika RUTX12 and also RUTX14 and RUTX50 series

Rack-kit for the models: Teltonika 3G/4G RUTX12, RUTx14 and RUTx50 router series. It can be mounted with ethernet ports facing forward or rearwards. The kits are made of injection molded ABS plastic rack fronts with 3D printed rear arms. Accurate fit and strong.

– Very accurate fit
– High surface finish
– Injection molded(customized to order) allow for strength and no sagging
– Reasonable pricing

The Teltonika router(if any) in the pictures is not included in the rack product.


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