Plejd DIN mount – detaches from the front/locked in place – GREY

6,0045,00 Excl IVA/VAT

Material: PETG
Color: lightgrey
Dimension: 77mm(H) x (D)56mmx 19mm(W)

2 versions available, same price. If you select YES, you will get the version with added 5mm spacing the side of the Plejd unit, this is an advantage to allow better cooling where applicable. This also means the mount will occupy 5mm additional space on the DIN rail-mount width in total. If you mount multiple Plejd devices, the mount ensure 5mm space in between the Plejd devices.

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This DIN mount fits the Plejd devíces and mounts them in electrical cabinets (example) on DIN rails.

It can be mounted and removed easily from the front, no need to remove fuses or other devices around the Plejd device.
It is locked in place, use a small screwdriver to detach it at the top, same way you detach a normal fuse device.

2 versions available:


The one with AIR-gap has a 5mm spacer on the side to allow for better cooling where applicable. If you mount multiple Plejd devices on a DIN rail/row, the mount ensure 5mm space/air-gap in between the Plejd devices.

The Plejd device itself seen in the picture is not included in the delivery.

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 cm
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