Wallmount for UniFi Cloudkey Gen2 plus 3d printed

10,50 Excl IVA/VAT

Material: PETG

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  • Photo gallery goto www.thingsINrack.com

Comes with 2 pcs, the mount itself and an arm which is optional. Using the arm(press-fit) will prevent the Cloudkey device to slide out of the mount if you for example mount it sideways or if you mounted in vehicles, trains and so on.

The blue LED light on the side of the cloud key gen2 plus model will pass through in order to see LED info status while the Cloudkey is inside the mount.

3D printed product high quality.

Screw holes is xx mm diameter, you need 2 screws to securely mount the product to a wall surface

Weight 0,050 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm

GREY, White


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